Email Hosting

Low-cost email plans that will help you win more clients.

With each of our web hosting plans, ISN gives you the opportunity to operate email accounts using the SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols. We also enable you to create an e-mail box using your own domain name hosted by us, and to use our advanced E-mail Manager which allows you to set e-mail filters, anti-spam protection, catchall e-mails, mailing lists, SPF protection, auto-responders and more.

Email Hosting Plans

Ensuremail (25GB)

N9,700 per month(per 5 emails)

Ensuremail (10GB)

N6,900 per month(per 5 emails)

Ensuremail Exchange 100GB

N5,500 per month(per email)

Ensuremail Business (1GB)

N2,750 per month(per 5 emails)

Ensuremail EGO

N2,000 per month(per email)


N1,100 per month(per email)

E-MAIL HOSTING: Low cost Plans

Unlimited Email Plan 50GB disk

N4,950 per month(per email)

Performance Plan (10GB)

N5,500 per month(per 5 emails)

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