Data Breach Warning – ISN Security Update

ISN data Breach

SAVE Your Business: Prevent Data Breach


A Data breach can cause a loss of revenue, tarnish your brand image, and have lasting adverse effects on your business. This is becoming a real threat to many Nigerian businesses with a growing number of unreported cases. According to a recent report, over one trillion dollars were lost to cybercrime in 2020 (Mccaffee Report), and in Africa alone, an estimate of $4 billion in losses with Nigeria being the most affected country with an estimated loss of almost $1 billion.


Many companies wait till it is too late before taking action. ISN offers a wide range of high-end protection to Nigerian enterprises under its “Security as a service” (SaaS) business model in which it integrates security services into a corporate infrastructure on a subscription basis allowing a more cost-effective approach to the provision of end-point security, data-loss prevention (DLP), ransomware, firewalls, and many other solutions.


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