Data Center Colocation

Data Center Co-location (NDPR 2019 Compliant)

We provide data center facility where your business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. This helps your business mitigate costs by housing your servers in a facility that provides the infrastructure and physical security to keep your deployment safe and operational. You also enjoy the benefits of having your servers in the cloud while still maintaining physical control of their systems.

Disaster Recovery As A Service

Our fully managed off-site DR service will make sure your business gets back up and running quickly ,even when the unthinkable happens. The real beauty of our DRaaS offering lies in its flexibility, we have different data infrastructure ranging from Tier 1-3 to suit your need. We realise that not every organisation or service requires near zero recovery times, so you’ll be able to manage the cost of protecting your different services, depending on their business value.