Disaster Recovery As A Service

No one wants to think about the possibility of a disaster; it’s much easier to go about your business thinking, “it will never happen to me.”

Unfortunately, that false sense of security often results in people and organizations finding themselves woefully under prepared when disaster does strike.

Between equipment failure, human error, cyber attacks, and natural calamities, it’s almost guaranteed that you will experience a disaster at some point during the life of your business. The potential loss of data, customers, and customer trust has put many businesses under and could ultimately result in the loss of your business too.

Why us?

With us as your trusted partner, you can protect your entire IT environment simply and cost effectively .

Our fully managed off-site DR service will make sure your business gets back up and running quickly ,even when the unthinkable happens.

The real beauty of our DRaaS offering lies in its flexibility, we have different data infrastructure ranging from Tier 1-3  to suit your need. We realise that not every organisation or service requires near zero recovery times, so you’ll be able to manage the cost of  protecting your different services, depending on their business value.  

Why we are the best?

Understanding and Support: There’s a reason this is number one on our list. Before you move on to the other considerations, it’s imperative that your provider understand your business needs and processes and is able to remediate any issues that could hinder alignment with its architecture. You’ll also want to consider support; some providers set you up and leave you on your own; we are always available for whatever support you require.

Cost : Our service is an OPEX model( Cost –saving model) as you do not need to invest in lot of infrastructure. This is why we are here!!

Compliance: We meet all the compliance requirements needed for your organization.

Recovery Speed: Like most businesses, you probably want to get as close to a zero RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO(Recovery Point Objective) as possible. We guarantee you as a DRaaS provider an aggressive recovery speeds, and one that follows a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) model vs periodic backups.

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