Proofpoint Security

Advanced Mail Protection by Proofpoint

Proofpoint provides multiple layers of security to stop malware and non-malware threats, such as email It can control all aspects of inbound and outbound email to detect and block threats, and prevent confidential information from getting into the wrong hands. Proofpoint offers the best protection for Microsoft Office and others on prem mail services, ensuring your organization’s team and data are secured with superior protection against threats and compromised accounts and provide curated threat intelligence and deep forensics.

Our robust solution offers:

  • Superior blocking of known and unknown threats
  • Identification and remediation for compromised accounts
  • Orchestration and automation to speed threat response
  • United data loss prevention and easy-to-use encryption capabilities
  • Simulation and training to teach end users how to avoid threats

ProofPoint Security Awareness & Training Solution

This enables your organisation to utilize the power of employees as part of the solution to strengthen defenses and protect your organization against zero-day Phishing techniques. YOUR SECURITY IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE AWARENESS OF YOUR EMPLOYEES;

ThreatSim® Phishing Simulations help you assess users’ susceptibility to phishing and spear-phishing attacks, with email templates based on real phishing lures spotted “in the wild” by Proofpoint threat intelligence. We also offer CyberStrength® Knowledge Assessments, a powerful web-based tool that helps you measure users’ understanding of critical cybersecurity topics and track progress over time, driving continuous improvement.

  • Use Phishing simulation across your organization to train & profile user behavior, with Unique Teachable Moments (UTM) and Gamified approach turn the weakest links into an Asset
  • Customized reporter button for Outlook, Lotus, GSuite and all common mail platforms including standard web
  • One trained employee can flag malicious emails and quarantine them to protect the entire organization in Real-Time.

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