The agriculture sector is evolving to produce enough yields to meet demands. We provide technology such as the Internet of Things and other automation tech that support farmers in increasing productivity and monitoring costs. Some of the Tech solutions ISN supports the Agricultural sector are:

Our Services

Connectivity Solutions ​

to urban, suburban and remote locations using a variety of last mile delivery that includes fiber-optic cables, broadband microwave, machine-to-machine, and the various VSAT band, C, Ku, and Ka.


A Single Source of Information in Real-time. The ISN Odoo ERP software integrates every process needed to run a company from a smart phone. A web-based application that provides a single source of information with real-time data reporting. Our ERP application is modulat, cost effective and covers countless modules which include CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting, all sharing real-time information.

Warehouse & Inventory Tracking

With new trends in manufacturing, companies move toward higher technology to ensure production cycles are cost-effective and efficient. The ISN Warehouse Automation System utilises the latest in RFID technology to provide real time control for raw materials, assets and finished products. Our solution can integrate with your ERP and manages quality processes to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Livestock Tracking & Management

ISN integrates any sensor that is compatible with its national LoRaWAN network for the management of livestock, allowing the tracking of each animal and monitoring any abnormal behavior.

File & Document tracking

Allows staff to key in the file number on the RFID document tracking software, and the location as well as the content of the document will be shown automatically if fixed readers are used to scan the environment.

People Tracking solution

Allows organizations to identify people at entry and exit points. It ensures that staff and visitors are restricted to the areas they are authorized to be in and helps the management deal with any emergency situation requiring evacuation.

IT Outsourcing

Managed IT services allows organizations to reduce their capital outlay and staff cost by outsourcing their IT services to qualified ISN engineers who are supported by the company’s national network and 24x7 customer care call center.

Temperature & Moisture sensors

ISN integrates its sensors onto its national LoRaWAN network in Nigeria for the monitoring and measurements of temperature, humidity, air quality, water level, PIR motion, light, barometric pressure, objects movement, soil moisture, etc.

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