Fintech IT Solutions

Digital Banking platform

Providing an omni-channel experience, banking-as-a-service, card and account management, loyalty platform, e-commerce ‘marketplace’ solutions, peer-to-peer, and micro-lending solutions.


Allowing payments through NFC mobile wallet at a point-of-sale device using mobile device instead of a plastic card.

ID Verification solutions

Enabling digital onboarding for e-KYC allowing online users to scan their Identity document and link it to a verifiable platform helping fintech organization achieve a secure onboarding process for virtual banking and other fintech related activities

Digital first virtual card issuance

Allowing the creation of instant standalone virtual cards that can be used for e-commerce transactions or app-based payments. The solution has white label app and SDK functionalities.

Data compression

Solution for ATMs requiring sending CCTV footage and other data back offering state-of-the-art video compression technology without compromising quality