Web Vault

WebVault’s industry-leading solution includes backup for website files and databases. The service removes the headache of trying to backup website content separately from databases. This speeds up the time it takes to backup and, if necessary, restore a fully functioning website. WebVault backs up the following website databases: WordPress, TYPO3, mySQL, Drupal, mongoDB, MODX, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Magento, and more.

How does it work?

WebVault takes a full backup of your website and database upon setup and then backs up daily, incrementally, only changed files and DB records, and keeps 30 days’ worth of backups. In case of a hack, all you must do is select the website from and a point-in-time backup before the hack and click to restore. The process takes a few minutes, and the site would be up again. We provide an easy to use web console that will allow you to add websites and databases.

Why you need Webvault?

Website & Database Backup

Easily set automated incremental backups that save download time and server space. Backup content and database files.

Blacklist Monitoring

Active blacklist monitoring ensures you are alerted if hackers corrupted your website, to help protect your brand

1-Click Restore

1-Click restore brings your entire website back from any point in time from your 30-day backup history for all site content as well as files and databases.

Website Blacklist Monitoring

WebVault Website Backup includes an easy to use blacklist monitoring tool. Feel confident knowing you’ll receive an alert should your site become compromised and blacklisted by Google. Quickly identify the problem and restore a clean copy of your site with a single click before your online brand is damaged. Because Google’s Safe Browsing is built into our tool, you can eliminate the worry of your website visitors stumbling on an infected site without your knowledge. This monitoring service works behind the scenes to help you be confident your site always passes safe browsing requirements . Should your site become compromised and end up on the blacklist, our service will also keep you fully informed when your site is once again cleared and removed from the blacklist. This ensures you always know the status of your site .



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