Unbeatable WiFi for Business Services in Lagos and Nigeria

Are you tired of unreliable internet services, slowing down your business operations? Look no further. We are Nigeria’s leading provider of  WiFi for Business services in Nigeria.

Transform Your Business Operations with Unmatched Connectivity

Welcome to ISN, the leading provider of WiFi for Business services in Nigeria. In a digital age where connectivity is the backbone of success, we understand the critical role that reliable, high-speed internet plays in your business operations.

Are you struggling with slow internet speeds that hamper productivity? Concerned about data security and network reliability? You’ve come to the right place. Our state-of-the-art WiFi solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring seamless operations, secure data transmission, and 24/7 connectivity.

Don’t let subpar internet services hold you back. Partner with us to empower your business with the connectivity it deserves.

The Ultimate Business Loyalty & Client retention tool

  • Guests show preference to businesses offering Free-WiFi
  • Increases Foot traffic
  • Increases time spent in store
  • Increases purchasing
  •  Increases social visibility
  • Lowers churn and increases client loyalty and retention
  • Lowers cost of client acquisition through other methods (advertising and other)
  • Attract clients in the vicinity with WiFi signal extending beyond premises
  • Capture Client information for marketing
  • Improve guest experience and also Brand Affinity
  • Encourage Clients tot return, give reviews and recommend business
  • Protect your network with the captive portal authentication requirement
  • Take Advantage of WiFi Analytics which include: demographics, shopping patterns, brand preference, which days and times have highest traffic,
  • Guest WiFi Boosts the business’s SEO and placement in search engines

All Plans Includes:

Essential @ N15,000/month: 1 Location
Professional @ N25,000/month: 3 Locations – Custom Login Page – Guest
Professional Plus @ N40,000/month: 6 Locations – Custom Login Page – Guest

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