WIFI for Business

The Ultimate Business Loyalty & Client retention tool

  • Guests show preference to businesses offering Free-WiFi
  • Increases Foot traffic
  • Increases time spent in store
  • Increases purchasing
  •  Increases social visibility
  • Lowers churn and increases client loyalty and retention
  • Lowers cost of client acquisition through other methods (advertising and other)
  • Attract clients in the vicinity with WiFi signal extending beyond premises
  • Capture Client information for marketing
  • Improve guest experience and also Brand Affinity
  • Encourage Clients tot return, give reviews and recommend business
  • Protect your network with the captive portal authentication requirement
  • Take Advantage of WiFi Analytics which include: demographics, shopping patterns, brand preference, which days and times have highest traffic,
  • Guest WiFi Boosts the business’s SEO and placement in search engines

All Plans Includes:

Essential @ N15,000/month: 1 Location
Professional @ N25,000/month: 3 Locations – Custom Login Page – Guest
Professional Plus @ N40,000/month: 6 Locations – Custom Login Page – Guest

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